Common Questions

How do I log into my TV provider?

Every user can stream a select set of episodes, clips, exclusive cast & crew interviews, and special behind-the-scenes content. After selecting your participating TV provider, sign in using your TV provider user name and password. You can gain access to all full episodes and movies from FX, FXX and FXM (based on your TV subscription).

It's easy to spot an episode that requires activation – clicking on an episode will prompt you to log into a TV provider within the Video Player screen.

Activation Steps

1. Click "login" at the top right hand corner of your screen and log into your TV provider with your user name and password. OR select "Watch" from the global navigation and click "View All Episodes".

2. After receiving a success message, return to the Video Player and enjoy more full episodes on the web.

What if my TV provider is not available on the web?

If your TV provider is not supported, click the "I can’t see my provider" link to sign-up and receive alerts that will notify you when your TV provider is supported.

Which episodes require me to login with my TV provider?

Full episodes of all series and movies require a TV provider user name and password.

Once a user logs in to their TV provider, how long can they remain logged into their account?

The amount of time a user remains logged into their account with access to full episodes varies from TV provider to TV provider. Generally, TV providers grant a 30-day period that allows users to remain logged in after initial log in.

How do I configure parental restrictions for the content?

Once you are logged into a TV provider, click on the ‘Settings’ link in the menu, and then on the Parental Controls tab. Changing the rating set in Parental Controls requires you to enter the email associated with your TV provider account as well as a PIN. Click a selected rating. A confirmation will display your rating has changed.

How do I know what each rating means?

You can review a full listing of rating information at Rating information will also be displayed each time you select a different rating.

What if I forget my PIN to change my parental controls?

If you forget your PIN, select the ‘change your PIN’ link in the Parental Control tab on the Settings page. OR if you log in three times with the incorrect PIN, you will be diverted to a PIN reset page. Follow the instructions to select a new PIN. You will receive an email confirmation once you have changed your PIN.

Why can’t I create a higher parental control setting than the one set with my TV provider?

The rating that you set with your TV provider is set as a default for the web. On the FX website, you cannot set a rating higher than the one established with your TV provider. However, you can set a lower rating for the web. If you would like to set a higher Parental Control setting for the web, contact your TV provider.

How can I upgrade my subscription to access more movies on FXM?

Contact your TV provider directly to upgrade your subscription with FXM. Once you upgrade, you will be able to access a wider variety of movies on the web.

What browsers are supported?

Mac OSX 10.6+, Windows 7, Windows 8+.
IE9+,IE10. Safari (latest 2 versions).
Google Chrome (latest 2 versions). Firefox (latest 2 versions).
Flash 10+ Required on Desktop browsers.

I still need help. How do I contact FX?

For more information, visit

For general customer support, email us at

For closed captioning support, visit us at

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